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WWE Mayhem Hack

WWE Mayhem Hack

WWE Mayhem Hack – It’s Time To Cheat Gold for iOS and Android

WWE Mayhem is an extremely addictive action packed wrestling game, which is published by Reliance Big Entertainment. In this game, you can enjoy realistic WWE battles by using different WWE superstars. You can either play single-player match or team match. The game provides players with cool and stunning graphics. Moreover, WWE Mayhem is free-to-play on both Android and iOS platforms and it has working WWE Mayhem Cheats that we are showing.

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Cash is the primary game currency, which can be used to upgrade your superstar and participate in events. Cash is rewarded to players on winning different matches that are played in story mode and versus mode. You also receive Cash by participating in numerous events and league matches.

Gold Bars

Gold Bars are the premium game currency, which can be used to purchase various resources; such as, Lootcases, Health Kits, Revive Kits, Level Up Tokens, etc. All your requirements in the game can be met with the help of Gold Bars. You can also convert your Gold Bars into Cash if you are falling short of Cash. Gold Bars are difficult to earn as you receive them only on leveling up in the game or during events. That’s why you should try our WWE Mayhem Cheats that can get Gold in seconds.

You can master the game if you learn to manage the in-game currencies wisely. There are three ways to acquire them, which are (i) by playing the game regularly, (ii) by purchasing them with real money and (iii) by using WWE Mayhem hacks.

Playing the game on regular basis requires lot of time and patience while purchasing game currency requires your hard-earned money. The better option is to use WWE Mayhem hacks, as it will let you get unlimited amount of in-game currencies instantly. This way you will not only save time, but money too. However, if you want to grind in the game for acquiring currencies then you should use the below-mentioned tips, which will let you earn them quickly:

Daily Bonus

The game gives daily login bonus to gamers. This bonus is received by successfully logging into the game every day. The Daily Bonus includes different items; such as, Cash, Health Kits, Revive Kits, Gold Bars, Level up Tokens, etc. On successfully logging into the game for seven consecutive days, you will be entitled for a weekly reward.

Free Lootcases

Every four hours, a free Lootcase can be claimed! These Lootcases will award you with random items; such as, Superstars and other in-game items. So, make sure you try to get as many Lootcases as you can in a day to acquire maximum benefits.


They are the most rewarding game mode as you can participate and compete against players from across the world. The awards received during events are huge, so try to take part in as many events as you can.

WWE Mayhem game is extremely popular among gamers who like wrestling or WWE. It has been downloaded by over a million gamers on Android platform. Below mentioned are some of the important features, which will attract you to play the game right away:

Easy Controls

Unlike other online games that have difficult control system; WWE Mayhem has a user-friendly control system. For quick strikes tap the game screens, long press for heavy strikes, press character to block the attacks, and swipe the screen for special attacks to control the game. You can also give finisher and signature moves by swipe and slide controls in the game.

Story Mode

The game has a campaign mode where you are provided with a chart. This chart will provide details of your upcoming matches. You can battle against different WWE superstars in the campaign mode in order to gain experience points and Cash. The story mode becomes more difficult as and when you level up in the game, which means it makes you ready for the challenges that lay ahead.

Versus Mode

Versus mode is locked in the beginning, but can be unlocked by reaching Level 3 in the game. In this game mode, you can battle against other online players, which makes battles more intense. On accessing this tab, you are matched with an opponent from across the world in a fun-filled wrestling match or you can also challenge your friends for a friendly match.

Events Mode

Events mode gives the gamers a unique platform to showcase their skills and earn rewards. There are different weekly or monthly events in which you can take part for receiving rewards. In the Events mode, you can compete with thousands of other players. Such type of intense competition makes things more interesting for the players.

Different Difficulty Modes

The game has three different difficulty modes, which are beginner, normal and superstar. You can choose the difficulty of your game for each upcoming season. For instance; if you choose normal mode for one of the season then you can’t switch back to the beginner mode. Each difficulty mode has its own benefits; for instance, beginner mode bears lesser rewards and is ideal for casual gamers. While normal and superstar modes have tougher opponents and rewards earned in these game modes are better in comparison to beginner mode.


This is an awaited feature of the game, which will be out soon and accessible to the players. This tab will allow you to create an Alliance, which can be joined by players across the globe or you can also choose to join existing alliances.

Different Superstars

The game features plenty of different superstars, which can be used in story and versus mode. Superstars such as; The Rock, John Cena, Tripe H, Kurt Angle, Batista, The Undertaker, Randy Orton, etc. can be unlocked in the game. You can not only unlock these iconic superstars but also train them in order to make them stronger and better. Apart from training, you can upgrade your superstar by collecting the required upgrade points.

Engaging Quests

Sometimes the game may become monotonous due to repeated nature of matches. You can complete different daily quests in order to avoid monotony and earn rewards. The game features a quest system, which consists of long-term and daily quests that can be completed in order to receive rewards.

All these features make WWE Mayhem one of the best wrestling games on pocket platform. As the game is based on a free-to-play model, it signifies that you can play the game for free, but in-game items can be purchased. If you want to beat other players in WWE Mayhem then you need to learn to manage the below-mentioned in-game items.


It is the most important component in the game as every match you play; story mode or versus, consumes some amount of energy. Energy is automatically refilled over a period of time. Alternatively, you can refill your energy by using energy tokens, which can be either earned in the game or bought with game currency which can be generated with WWE Mayhem Hack 2020.

Level Up Tokens

They are also an important component as they are required to level up your superstar in the game. Your superstar will not be able to withstand the attacks of their opponents if they are not leveled up to their optimum capacity. You can earn level up tokens in the game by playing versus matches or story mode matches.

Health Kits And Revive Kits

Each time your superstars are beaten in the ring, their health depletes. You can heal your superstar with health kits, so that they are ready for upcoming matches. Once your Superstar is defeated in the ring, it cannot be used in other matches until you revive it. Revive Kits can be used to completely revive your superstar, as it heals your superstar. You can gather Health Kits and Revive Kits by playing matches or purchase them with game currency.

If you follow the aforesaid tips then you can gather enough resources required for a good gaming experience. So, just download the game and give it a try! If you are a true WWE Fan then you will surely love the game and of course our WWE Mayhem Hack.

WWE Mayhem Hack Try Now

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